Sugary Drinks Responsible for 180K Deaths ... Per Year

Sugary Drinks Responsible for 180K Deaths ... Per Year

(NEWSER– As the soda wars rage across the country, anew study finds that 1% of deaths of obese adults around the world can be blamed on sugary drinks, USA Todayreports. That tallied up to 180,000 obesity-related deaths linked to an over-consumption of sweetened beverages in 2010; the figure includes 25,000 dead Americans.

The cause of death wasn't too much Pepsi: Rather, the drinks pack on the excess pounds, which up the risk of death from other diseases. Of the 180,000, more than 70% succumbed to diabetes, with 44,000 dying of cardiovascular disease and 6,000 of cancer, say researchers. Of the countries studied, Mexico was No. 1 in terms of number of deaths, with the US in third.

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